Friday, January 11, 2013

A Hint Of Spring

The weather has been unseasonable warm this week.  We usually have a good few days in February when we make it to the park to get some fresh air and find a cure for cabin fever. It's a little earlier than normal this year, but we'll take it!

Maybe it's hormones, but I find myself more and more sentimental about soaking in these moments with Eli.  Our lives are about to change.  Our family is about to change, and despite the excitement I have for time, there's still this nagging desire to told on to this a little bit longer. 

Eli climbed the playground wall my himself today which is more proof that he's growing too fast.  Our last visit in the fall, this wasn't even possible. 

Little Man sure enjoyed playing baseball too.  Of course this was an impromptu park trip, so we had to improvise with a stick and walnut, but I don't think he minded a bit. 

We wrapped up our trip to the park with some good, old-fashioned fun...throwing rocks into the mud puddle.  Clearly, this was a favorite for my boy. 

When we made it home we played some more outside before heading in to dinner. 

We loved our time together, and this little hint of Spring. 

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