Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Brother Class

Last night was Eli's Big Brother Class at the hospital where Ellie will be born.  We decided to make it a big deal and let Little Man have a night all about himself and his new role.  So, when I picked him up from daycare we headed home to chose our Big Brother shirt.  We were in a hurry to get out the door, and we completely forgot to get our stuffed animal.  

We improvised with a quick run through the Dollar General Store where Eli picked out a hot pink sock money with purple hearts.  I kept telling him he could get a frog, or pig, or dog, or bear or anything...but he insisted.  When I asked him why he wanted a pink toy, he said, "Mom, my sister is a girl."  How sweet is that?  This boy melts my heart!

With stuffed animal in tow, we headed to Eli's dining choice of the night...McDonalds.  Ha!  I tried my best to steer away, be he insisted. Oh well, the night was about him anyway!  After dinner and a quick trip to the Dollar Tree (gosh, we're cheap) we headed to the hospital. 

They gave us a bag of goodies when we got there. Inside were coloring sheets, crayons, a diaper, and a onesie.  Eli was a very good listener which really surprised me.  The whole experience was very positive, and I think the tour of the maternity ward was a good visual for Eli and the other kids to help them prepare for seeing Mommy in the hospital.

After the tour we returned to the auditorium where the kids got milk and cookies before watching a video about becoming a sibling.  It was corny, but Eli did walk away with the knowledge that babies do indeed poop and cry.  A good lesson if you ask me. 

After the movie this kids had circle time with the nurse where they learned how to clothe, diaper and hold a baby.  I'm not entirely convinced that Eli is going to be gentle, but hey, even a little princess needs to be tough!

After circle time the kids were given their graduation certificate to take home.  

How sweet is our little graduate?

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  1. That is SO cute!!!! Eli is going to be a great big brother!!