Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eli's Cruddy Weekend

Ya'll aside from our little family outing yesterday, Eli has had rough weekend.  As I mentioned last night, he cut his eye open Friday night when he slipped in our bathroom.  By the way, that little episode followed a tumble off the coffee table Friday afternoon and a separate spill off the couch Friday evening.  I think we might have to limit his furniture use...ha!

Well, the poor guy can't catch a break!  Last night when I was putting him to bed he requested milk.  Really, this is a nightly occurrence that I rarely give into because he never drinks it all, and milk goes bad before morning. Call me cheap, but water is what we drink at bedtime.  However, I played "cool mom" and handed him a glass of creamy goodness which he proceeded to spill all over his bed.  While I was getting a towel to clean up the mess, he started coughing.  Again, a normal occurrence for a kid with allergies, only he couldn't stop...he ended up throwing up all over me. You haven't truly lived until you've been puked one. Ha! We both changed clothes and cleaned up before I put him in our bed to sleep until I could take care of the now dirty bed... and floor.

Luckily he dosed off quickly, so Eric and I were able to watch a movie.  Well, near the end we started to hear Eli stir.  When Eric went to check on him, he was warm and talking out of his head.  Turns out he had a temperature.   We wrapped up our little movie date with Advil, a cold compress, and a midnight run to the gas station for Sprite and Gator Aid.

Eli slept until 10:00 this morning which is scary for a kid who never sleeps!  Then he wanted to do nothing but lay on the couch or sit in my lap to watch movies.  We did briefly play a game of Shoots and Ladders and attempt a round of baseball, but when he refused to run the bases I knew he was for real sick!  So, I loaded him up for a trip to Urgent Care.  Four hours later we are back home with a resting boy.  Turns out he has an upper respiratory infection.  We are now on FOUR different medications plus taking a breathing treatment every six hours.

He'll be fine and no doubt bounce back quickly as kids always do, but I sure to hate to see him sick.  The poor guy just had a cruddy weekend!. 

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