Friday, January 4, 2013

My Head Is Spinning

We'll, ya'll, we've reached the point in my pregnancy where I get to actually start preparing for Ellie's arrival. We decided to put everything off until after Christmas so that we could focus on the holidays as a family of three.  Now we're into the new year, and that means there is much to be done.

My doctor set my c-section date yesterday.  Miss Ellie will be here on Monday, March 4th...CRAZY!! 

That's two months from today!  I know a lot of you who read this don't agree with c-sections and certainly not planned ones.  However, I ask you to not comment.  Many of you know my medical history, and some do not.  Regardless, we will leave it by saying that a natural birth would be a risk for both me and Eli. Not only do I have a history of medical problems, we also had some complications with Eli that left us feeling much more confident in a planned birth.  I don't care how my baby enters this world; I just want her safe in my arms.

Anyway, that means it's time to get busy!!  Tomorrow Eric is starting on the lockers for Eli's room.  They will not only work perfectly with the sports theme, but they'll also be awesome storage for all our toys.  Once the lockers are finished, we'll start the process of turning the playroom into a nursery.

In all for Eli's room, I still need to finish the lockers and organize them.  I also need to add a few finishing touches like completing his life Bible verse frame, adding new blinds, working on a sports card box, and finishing the baseball jar.

Next we will move to Ellie's room.  I have to get the walls painted, paint the rocking chair and bookshelf, have the bedding dry cleaned, get the curtains made, buy new blinds, install new closet shelving, and make bow holders (notice it's plural). Ha!

This doesn't include things like washing her clothes, steaming out bottles and buying new ones, installing car seats, or getting all the baby stuff out of the attic - pack 'n play, stroller, bouncy seat, bathtubs, ect.  I also need to stock up on things like diaper bags, diapers, blankets, onies, sleepers, towels and a billion other small things that can't be used from Eli's infant days.

In the meantime, I have to get everything lined up at work, freeze some meals, buy some presentable pjs for the hospital, and deep clean the house since I highly doubt I will be able to do spring cleaning this year.  Oh yeah, our toilet started leaking and now the floor around it needs replaced. YIKES!!

Oh course, ya'll know that I LOVE being busy so I'm sorta thriving on this.  The real reason my head is spinning tonight?  My house looks like a tornado hit it...really!  I cleaned out the fridge from Christmas and it took four trash bags...FOUR!  I have about six loads of laundry that need tended too, and two bathrooms that need scrubbed.

Then there was Eli's little episode tonight.  While I was bathing him, I stepped out of the bathroom to tell Eric something.  No sooner had I left the room then we a THUD and screaming.  My sweet boy's wet feet caused him to slip and hit the vanity.  It gashed open this head near the was heart wrenching! After much deliberation we decided that he didn't need stitches, but I'm still upset that he got hurt!

Lucky for me, he is resting well and I'm settling down for the night.  After all, tomorrow is a big day of Mission Baby Preparation. Ha! Good night!

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