Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Little Catch Up And 37 Weeks

Ya'll, has it really been TWO WHOLE weeks since I last blogged?  Really, is that even possible?  I don't think I've ever taken a break this long, and to be honest it was completely unintended.  I guess life just sort of happened, and I got so caught up in it that I forgot to document the journey.

I suppose on the one hand it's a good thing.  On the other hand, I blog to document our life (the good, the bad and the ugly) So I really need to do some major backtracking.  My goal is to do two posts a day until Ellie makes her debut.  One will keep you updated on our last few days as a family of three, and the other will be a catch up post from earlier this month.  Sorry in advance!

So what are some of the topics, you ask?

1. Nursery Sneak Peek
2. Nesting
3.  Spring Fever
4. Work Shower
5. Mini Reunion
6. Fat Tuesday
7. 36 Weeks And A Few Goodies
8. Valentines Day
9. Taking It In

That should bring us to today's item of business...37 Weeks!!

How Far Along:  37 Weeks

Size of baby: Ellie is the size of a winter melon, but in my opinion she feels more like a watermelon!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm down a pound from last week which my doctor said was, "interesting."  Whatever that means...

Maternity Clothes: I'm down to about three outfits.  I could still wear some dresses, but it's too cold and my legs are just ugly right now.  

Gender: It's a girl...Elizabeth Victoria Watson!!!

Movement: She still let's me know she's in there, but she is certainly running out of room. 

Sleep: Everyone is sleeping quite well these days...praise the Lord!!

What I miss: Diet Coke, of course.  I would also love to have some polish on these toenails. One more thing, I really miss seeing our friends the Adkins.  It just seems like all of our nights are weekends are taken up by baby preparations which means we never get to see them.  Lucky for us they have two babies and understand!

Cravings: Nothing really.

Symptoms: After not having any contractions for over a week they started with a vengeance on Sunday.  They will start about 45 minutes apart and eventually make it about 3 minutes apart before they stop completely.  Not only can I physically feel my stomach tightening, I live when constant cramping in my abdomen and lower back.  I thought for sure I would have made a little progress this week, but NO!!  Oh well, Tylenol and a heating pad go along way.  Can you believe that we only have 12 days left?!!?

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