Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nursery Sneak Peak

Mom and Dad came down this weekend to help with the nursery.  There are no words.  They helped me clean out the closet and carry toys to the attic or crawlspace.  They also brought along these curtains Dad made which are part of their gift to Ellie.

Mom helped me wash and put away the rest of Ellie's clothes while Dad started working on the paint.  He and Eric have a system when it comes to painting our house.  Dad cuts in while Eric rolls. It works out well.

Mom ended up taking Eli to lunch, the bouncy houses and the toy store while we worked at home.
After a quick lunch and a trip to Wal Mart we were ready for the last coat of paint.  Then we started to move everything back in.

Now it's becoming so real. 

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