Thursday, February 21, 2013

This, That And The Other

So, yesterday I talked about getting caught up on this blog which means you're probably wondering how the heck, I got so far behind...OKAY, maybe not, but let's talk.

1. Life lately has been both ordinarily boring and insanely busy at the same time.

2. Let's talk about ordinarily boring.  We've kept our same little routine of work, chores, trips to the library, and family nights at home - not so exciting, but blessed nonetheless!

3. We've also had the added responsibility of getting ready for Ellie.  You know the drill - weekly doctor's visits, getting baby stuff out of the attic, installing the car seat, preparing for maternity leave, finishing a few projects for Eli's room, and trying to stay caught up on everything "just in case."  Throw in two baby showers, two sinus infections, Fat Tuesday, and Valentine's Day, and a few visits from you have blissful chaos.

4. Please, don't think all this activity around the Watson home means that we are in any way prepared for our child's arrival...we are not! The lockers for Eli's rooms are coming along, but not anywhere near completion.  I haven't packed the first thing for my hospital stay, and  I can not find the bottles, the top piece for the pack 'n play, or the fitted sheet for the crib.  Guess, I'll be doing some shopping this weekend.

5. Speaking of this weekend, my sister and her fiance will be in town, so I'm excited about seeing her and maybe even getting a few last minute things for Ellie.  We're also trying to soak in the last few days as a family of three.  For those of you who are counting that would be only 11 days!!

6. While we're on the subject of my first born, we're starting to talk a lot about being a big brother. We've had a lot of conversations, but he seems to be sensing the change by asking a lot more questions on his own.  Poor kid actually asked us when he was moving to his new home.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!  Turns our he thought it was "out with the old, in with the new." Ha!  Don't worry, we are crystal clear on the fact the that he gets to stay home and live with Mommy & Daddy.

7. We've tried to make this transition as easy as possible by reading lots of books about being a Big Brother and having a New Baby.  We also have a countdown chart in Eli's room for him to check off the days until his sister arrives.  Additionally, I've planned a Big Brother Party for next Saturday.  Basically, we are going to take him to Just Kiddin' which is a bouncy place for kids. Then, he gets to pick where we go to eat dinner.  Finally, we are coming home to eat cake and open Big Brother Presents.  They're all from the Dollar Tree, but they'll be perfect entertainment for the hospital.  We're also going to surprise him on delivery day with a present from Ellie.   It sounds like a lot, but really we're talking $50 bucks tops to make him feel special and to really celebrate this milestone for our family.

8. Oh, that reminds me.  Both of our families will be in town next Sunday to spend the night since we have to be at the hospital so early next following morning.  My thinking is that maybe we can have one big dinner out for my last meal before surgery!

9. That's about as far as the planning has gone.  Eric will be home with me the first week, and hopefully my dad will come into town for week two.  Eric's family will be here week five, and it's back to work after that.  I'm so ready to meet this little princess.  She isn't even here yet, and already I feel complete.

10.  In the meantime, the rest of my day looks to include a few dozen more emails, a trip to my stylist, our weekly visit to the library, a few loads of laundry, dinner, and if I'm lucky, some last minute Texas Size Bow making.  Ha!

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