Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Randomess From An Exhausted Momma

Well, last night did not go so great either.  I'm hoping my sweet baby girl has hit a growth spurt and that she's not morphing into the spawn on Chucky.  Ok, that's a bit dramatic.  Let's just say that I hope this is a phase because I am tired!

I have some errands to run today, so I can't go home to rest...but tomorrow that bed is all mine!!!  I'm not gonna feel guilty either. NOPE, I'll do whatever it takes to survive.  Ha!  Now that stupid song is stuck in my head...thank you Gloria Gaynor and the 1970's Disco movement.

Speaking of surviving, I have to endure the stupid line at the County Clerks office to pay the taxes on our cars.  Nothing like waiting until the last possible minute.  Then I have to run by the audiologist to have my IFB fixed...that would be my earpiece for work.  Finally, I'm meeting a lady to sell Eli's baby bedding.

Ya'll, I have discovered the equivalent to online yard sales.  Not only do I not have to leave the comfort of my home, I can also sell my own things...perfect for when you live in the country.  People even get into bidding wars.  Ha!

The final thing on my "to do" list is to hit up the park again. Yeah, we're back to bribery...I mean positive reinforcement.   Who knows, maybe all my stars will align perfectly tonight and I'll get some sleep.

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