Monday, May 6, 2013

All About Eli

Yesterday I dedicated an entire post to a child who's major accomplishments are eating, sleeping, and pooping.  Even though we couldn't love her more if we tried, I didn't want to forget my first born and his "for real" achievements. 

As  he has been since birth, Eli is busy!  He plays all day, every day.  His major obsession these days is dinosaurs.  He can name about 30 different specifies...thank you Dinosaur Train. I think it's safe to venture that we've checked out every dinosaur book at the library and almost every movie on the same topic. 

In addition to recognizing and saying so many different dinosaurs, Eli can also sing the National Anthem.  I attribute this to his love of sports.  Although, trying to convince him that "play ball" are not the last two words has proved challenging.  Call this boy patriotic, he can also recite the entire Pledge Of Allegiance,  a feat for which I can take no credit.  That's all daycare.

If you're wondering if we've forgotten about ball, that would be a big, fat no!  In fact, we now play basketball, baseball, football and golf nearly every single day..all of them...just not at the same time.  Sometimes we even get creative and try our luck at soccer or make up a new game. 

Eli adjusted to Ellie well, but was somewhat defiant at first.  He talked back, questioned our authority and refused to go to bed.  I felt like I walked a thin line between letting him get away with murder and fussing at him for every little thing.  I can't tell you how many times a day I ask the Lord for wisdom.

He is doing much better now, and I am so blessed to experience the world through the eyes of a preschool aged boy.  He is such a sweet blessing, wonderful big brother, and delightful son!

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