Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Been A While

My mom and dad came down for a quick visit this weekend.  It's been awhile since they've seen the kids and even longer since they've been down for a visit.  Eric and I have cut out almost all traveling for now.  It's hard because our parents are busy people with busy lives too, and that makes visits more scarce.  However, we know that this is just for a season of our lives, and one day we won't have two small babies.  Until then, we make the most of every minute we can get with family. 

My parents got here Friday evening.  They brought Eli a HUGE riding horse which I failed to get pictures of...oops!  Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled because I had finally de-cluttered most big toys.  Now I have a stupid horse in my family room.  Ha!  Oh  well, Eli loved it!

We let Eli play for a few minutes then we headed to Smiths Grove to get milk shakes at Flavor Isle.  They were pretty amazing!  My mom had never had a treat from there, but I'm pretty sure she's a fan could you not be! It's a hidden treasure just off of  I-65, so stop by if you're ever traveling in Southern Kentucky!  We can't wait until Eli starts playing ball, because that's going to be a post game treat!

Ellie had a rough time last night.  I say rough, but really it wasn't too bad.  She's actually slept through the night a few times this week, so getting up was a jolt to my system. Oh well, a bad night once is a blue moon reminds this Momma to be thankful for all the good ones we have...and there are a lot of those!

Anyway, my parents let me sleep in and took care of the kids since I'd been up so many times.  We ended up eating lunch at Thesea's it's a greasy spoon here in Bowling Green and has the best home cookin' you could imagine.  Just look at this meal!  Add a side of green beans and a glass of sweet tea, and you're in Southern heaven!

After lunch we headed to Toys R Us so my parents could further spoil Eli with a new monster truck...or three.  Ya'll, the boy is obsessed with Monster Jam.  What can I say?  I've succeeded in raising a redneck.  Ha!  Actually, Eric assures me that this is not Redneck.  It's something that all boys love...guess I'll have to trust him on that one!

After running to a few more stores we headed home so that Eli could play with his new toy.  He actually ended up falling asleep in the car, so my parents and I took cat naps while Eric fed Ellie.  Eli was just waking up when it was time for my Gigi and Poppa to leave.  We hate this part of any visit!

To ease the pain, I let Eli strip down to his undies and play outside in puddles with his Monster Trucks...what boy doesn't love to be nearly naked while playing in the mud?  I know you're going to ask, so let me answer..YES, we live way out in the country, so clothing is optional for outdoor fun.  Also, the black thing is the rubber where our pool will go this summer.  It's an eye-sore in the winter, but totally worth it in the summer. 

We ended the day with a trip to the park.  The kids took a bath and both went down quite easily.  Let's hope for a better night and another great day tomorrow!

I'll leave you with this glimpse of reality.  Ha!

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