Monday, May 6, 2013

Two Month Well Visit

Today was Ellie's two month well visit.  That meant we had to get stupid shots. I hate shots even though I know they're important. Who wants to see their kid in pain, really?

  Like Eli, she is small.  She weighs around eleven pounds and is twentieth percentile for weight and the thirtieth for weight.  What can I say, I have small babies!

When we got there she was trying to poop but having trouble.  That all changed when they took her temperature rectally.  Ha!  It was so gross, ya'll!

  One day she'll hate me for sharing that little tidbit of information. Ha!

She did great with the shots too.  Although, I will say that she was a bit more dramatic about the whole ordeal than Eli ever was.  I guess that comes with being a girl.  
Every time Eric walks into the room, she turns it on.  From all smiles to pouty lips.  See the above pictures for evidence!  I guess she needs some daddy snuggles.  Even Eli is being extra loving!

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