Monday, June 17, 2013

Motivation Monday

I decided not to do weekly pictures because they get boring. You can thank me later! I'm thinking that once a month I'll take pictures to compare to the starting one...which I really need to just go ahead and do already. I'm dreading it like the plague.  I mean who really wants to see a super horrible picture of themselves?  Not this girl!!

Anyway, last week went ok.  It was neither good nor bad.  I wasn't really pushing myself a lot either.  I was just testing the waters to see how best to manage my time, how to set my goals, and so on.  I spent a lot of time reading success stories, and just preparing myself mentally for the journey. Next week I'll talk more about my goals, but with a birthday this week (that's right, I'll be 27 on Friday) I'm thinking about spending some of my money on new workout gear.

Considering all but one pair of my athletic pants have holes in them, this is more of a necessity.  I'm not really wanting to spend a lot of money, so Wal Mart will have to do for now. I know I'm skipping shoes on this list, but I already have some decent ones.  Most of these items will be clothing. I want some things that I can workout in, then wear to run errands or play with the kids.  I'm tired of my frumpy sweats and oversized t-shirts!

1. I need shorts!  I love yoga pants, but when you live in the southeast where the humidity takes your breath away, shorts are a must.  While I don't love my legs, I'm not totally embarrassed by them either.  These babies are $5 a piece.  I know they aren't brand name, but they'll do for now. 

2. Tank Tops.  I have a lot of t-shirts, but I'm just not a t-shirt kinda gal.  Plus, the heavy cotton makes me sweat more than necessary.  I'm not quite ready for a traditional athletic tank, but some like you see above would work.  Plus, seeing my large arms in the mirror will hopefully encourage me to push harder. 

3. Sports Bra.  Mine are from middle school.  How sad is that?  Honestly, I don't need anything fancy.  After my breast reduction, my "girls" have stayed kinda small.  I'm just looking for a little extra support.

Honestly, there are a lot of things I need like shoes, lifting gloves, socks, head phones and so one. However, I'm not looking to run a marathon right now.  It's all about baby steps.  I just need a few (cheap) things to get me started.  I figure that instead of treating myself with food, I can buy myself new workout gear when I reach a goal.  

Speaking of goals, more on that next week.  Until then, here's to hoping I have much success this week!!

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