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A Roller Coaster

I have decided that parenting is a roller coaster journey.  There are moments when Eli shines, when he obeys in public, uses his manners, holds open doors for women, and is generally a delight.  Then there are days that I wonder if he might be displaying early signs of terroristic tendencies.  Ha!  Just when I think I'm getting the hang of shepherding his little heart he goes and has a meltdown at Wal Mart.

This used to discourage me, but I'm learning that it's all part of the ride.  There will be days when he makes me so proud I burst with joy, and then there are days I want to hide behind the display of Cokes in the grocery aisle.  And you know what?  That's ok.  I have to take the moments as they come, relishing in small victories and keeping perspective in the less than amusing parenting moments.  

Basically, I'm learning that prayer and laughter are essential to survival on this coaster of motherhood which is funny considering they are essential for thrill seekers about to embark on a new roller coaster journey.  You pray for safety, and laugh as you face the twist and turns of the unknown.  

Yesterday Eli made me proud as a peacock on two occasions.  First, his daycare teacher rewarded him with a sticker activity book for listening well to instructions.  Secondly, he displayed maturity in what could have been an unpleasant situation.

It's been almost two weeks now, but when I took him to get his hair cut one day, he threw the mother of all fits treating the stylist poorly and disrespectfully.  Despite his behavior she loaned him two movies to enjoy.  Well, today we returned them to her.  Eli walked in, hugged her around the neck and said, "sorry I was mean to you."  Ya'll, I was so proud.  What had been a terrible embarrassment two weeks ago had become a teachable moment one that ended up resulting in humble pride as a mother.  

As any of you with children know, this doesn't mean "Happily Ever After," in the world of behavior. It's just one small victory that will serve as a reminder on this roller coaster journey.  Today I was on top of the world and tomorrow could send me plunging downward into the vast unknown.  

Either way, it's part of the ride we call "Parenthood," and it's the combination of twists and turns that make it a joyous adventure!


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