Friday, July 12, 2013

Eat More Chicken

Here's a fun "Morgan Fact" for you....I don't like chicken.  Never have.  In fact, until I worked at
 Chick-fil-A as a Marketing Director, I never ate it.  However, CFA had it goin' on, and got me hooked.  Slowly but surely I have branched out, and I now eat chicken from time to time. What better occasion to enjoy some good fried chicken than Cow Appreciation Day!!  I mean all you have to do is dress like a cow and you get to eat anything on the menu for FREE...heck ya!

After work I came home to relax while the kids napped at daycare.  Usually I use this time to hit the gym, run errands, clean the house or catch up on sleep, but after such a weird week, I decided to bask in the sun.  It turned out to be a wise decision because Eli was in a horrible mood when I picked him up. Ugh...I hate days like this. 

Anyway, after an embarrassing meltdown at the hair stylists (from Eli) we came home and got to work on our cow costumes because we had plans to meet up with the Adkins family for dinner.  Actually, Tina and I were meeting up with the kids.  Gabe and Eric bailed on us to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I'm gonna have to give them a break on this one too because nearly every family we saw had a less than enthusiastic dad.  Apparenly large crowds, dressing like a cow, and screaming kids just aren't the thing most men look forward to.  Ha!

These two boy hadn't seen each other in forever, so they were thrilled to be reunited.  Eli showed his joy by jumping up and down in the booth, losing his balance, and smashing his head against the chair.  

There'sever a dull moment I tell you!

No worries, he soon found his happy face, enjoyed a delicious and FREE meal, and some time in the play-place with his best friend.  These two cuties were just along for the ride.  They are totally second kids, blesss their little hearts!

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