Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just Beacuse

I wish I could write a nice post about our awesome weekend, but it was low key which means I really didn't pull out the camera.  Of course, that didn't stop me from snapping pictures of my kiddos with my phone.

Here they are before church this morning.  I had nursery duty, and I actually went alone.  Eric and I were both up all night with Ellie.  The poor girl is having some major gas issues and until we can figure out why, we're dealing with some sleep deprivation.  Anyway, I took the kids to church while Eric caught up on some rest then he watched them this afternoon while I tried to sneak in a nap.  I couldn't sleep.  Ugh, I HATE when that happens.

The good news in all of this is that, clearly, sweet Ellie is feeling much better today!  I'm hoping to take a swim this afternoon between rain showers and maybe even a walk this evening. We'll see.  Sorry for the boring post.  I just wanted to show my kids in their church clothes.

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