Saturday, July 27, 2013


Eric woke up early this morning and headed to Nashville with a friend from work to hit up a flee market.  I stayed home with this kiddos and pretty much lounged around in pjs all day.  I also got a wild hair and spent a large chunk of the morning in the kitchen making homemade salsa and homemade spinach dip.  This is following our yummy cookies I made last night for Family Movie Night.  

By the way, we have family movie night every Friday.  I think I've mentioned this before, but I've never taken pictures.  Here in a few weeks I'll try to dedicate a full post to Eli's favorite tradition. 

Anyway, Eric took a nap when he got back home.  Then we all got dressed and headed to SOKY Fair.  This is my attempt at a "selfie" picture with Ellie.  I know she looks slightly terrified, but it was decent of me.  Haha...sorry, girl.  When you're a mommy with your own blog, you can choose the pictures. 

What ya'll need to know about me is that I'm a County Fair Junkie.  Really, It's sad.  Between showing cattle and beauty pageants, I was always at a fair....always!  I would venture to guess that I attended between 10-12 county fairs a year, with the last big hoorah being the Kentucky State Fair. 

Then somewhere between work, mommyhood, and moving to a new part of the state, I just kinda stopped going.  I simply couldn't let another year go by without taking Eli to a county fair.  I mean he needed to witness the rides, the shows, the truck pulls, and the food.  Oh, the food...fried Oreos, Cotton Candy, Rib Eye Steaks, and FUNNEL Cakes!!

Tonight was the night.  We headed out to fair where Eli took one turn on each ride, won a basketball, and jumped in the bouncy house before announcing that he was ready to leave.  Shocked we were getting off the hook so easily, we took the opportunity to leave without fear of a meltdown...even if it did mean no fair food.'s the small things in life!

We then hit up Target and Chick-fil-A before heading home.  We actually came upon a horrible accident before the police even arrived.  We later read that someone passed away.  Our hearts are heavy tonight as we continue to pray for the families of those involved.

As for the rest of our family night, it was pretty low key and included comfortable jammies and a game of catch with Eli. 

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