Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sweet Sunday

Sundays at our house are very low key...that would be AFTER the morning hassle of getting two kids ready and out the door to church.  This morning I was in my usual tizzy trying to get everything together when Eric informed me that he didn't understand why I was in such a rush (a.k.a. bad mood.)  I looked at the clock and realized that we had plenty of extra time.

Seeing this as a photo op, I rounded up my dressed kiddos and started snapping pictures which you are now can thank me later. Ha!

After church we hit the grocery store, and when we got home Eric made tacos.  Goodness, I love that man!  He also took care of the kids while I napped, and he cleaned up the kitchen.  After nearly five years of marriage he has learned that that fastest way to my heart is through a clean house.

After my nap, I did about a billion loads of laundry while Eric entertained the kids and played Superheros with Eli.  Please be advised that if you ever play Superheros with Eli, this will likely ensure...little monkey!

I had a meeting at church tonight about Bible School this coming week, which I am super excited about.  Since it's unseasonably cool here today (upper 70s) I decided to make a rare summer appearance at the park with Eli. 

It just breaks my heart to think about how fast he's growing up, and about the fact that this time next year Ellie will be walking and more than likely trying to tag along.  

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