Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Post Baby Shed

If you've ever had a baby, you know all about "The Post Baby Shed," and I'm not talking about weight.  About three months (or so) after delivery, you start to lose your hair at an alarming rate, and if you're a first time mommy you may be convinced that you are indeed going bald.  Chances are your husband is convinced that you're trying to clog the drain with all the hair too. By the way, don't have guests over during this time.  Dinner might not end well, and you could lose some friends if your nappy hair ends up being served as a hidden ingredient in their dinner..not that I would know.

Anyway, I started to lose my pregnancy hair about a month ago, but I was determined to keep the length.  However, that all changed when the humidity set in.  I was supposed to go last week to get it chopped off, but Eli got sick, and I had to cancel.

Today I went after work to get it cut, and I think I like it.  When in doubt, I always go with "THE BOB." Ha!  As my friends call it, "The Mom Bob."  I still want to play around with it some, but I think it's ok.   Anyway, wanted to show you my yearly cut...I end up doing this every July. 

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