Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Summertime Blues

Ya'll, I am just in such a weird place this summer.  I think maybe it's sleep deprivation after the past two nights we've had in the Watson home.  (I spare you the details...you can thank me later!)

I love, Love, LOVE summer.  I love swimming, I love eating popsycles, I love playing outside in the evenings, I love the million activities that we pack into three short months. I even love the humidity. I love summer!!  The problem is, this summer has just been sorta BLAH!

Eli isn't into swimming as much as last year, and when we do have a chance to get in the pool it's for really short periods of time worked around Ellie girl.  Between the rain, the humidity and a few shared viruses, our time outside has been pretty much non existent which would explain my pasty skin. Ha!  Throw in the fact that I can't seem to stay on top of sleep or laundry, and you have a Momma with a serious case of the summertime blues.

I'm not really depressed or upset about all this.  I guess I'm just feeling a little let down.  I had this grand summer played up in my mind, and it's just not panning out...YET!!  When I stop and think, it's only half way over.  I still have half of July and all of August to soak up the sun and make precious memories.

That's what I hope to do.  The truth is, next year won't look anything like this one.  Next summer I'll have an almost five year old and a toddler.  That makes me want to cry a little!!! I remember this poem that hung over my sister's dresser when she was a baby that said, "

"Cleaning and scrubbing and wait 'til tomorrow, for babies grow up we've learned to sorrow."

There was more to it, but that's all I can remember.  Dishes can sit in the sink until the kids go to bed, and I can stand another pile of laundry, because I can't get this time back with my babies.

All of that to say, I've really neglected making memories with my kiddos.  I've been too busy trying to catch a nap, hit the gym, clean the house, or keep a perfect schedule. That has to stop.  I remember feeling this same way after Eli was born.  My personal motto became "Embrace The Chaos."  I gave myself permission to enjoy the season we were in.  Sometimes that meant a messy playroom or a few too many piles of dirty clothes, but I eventually found my groove, and I never missed out on the opportunity to make memories.

I guess that's where I am now, embracing the chaos.  I'll find me new groove.  I thought things were going smoothly after Ellie was born, and they were, but now that summer is here I'm ready to stop cleaning and start playing.  This fall will have me back inside with a perfect routine, a clean house, and a serious desire to get out of my scheduling rut. Until then, I'm ready to make some memories with these babies!

I think I found the cure for the summertime blues!!

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