Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thunderfest 2013

Tonight was Thunderfest, and I love that our community does fireworks on July 3rd rather than July 4th.  It gives everyone an opportunity stay out late without having to worry about work the next day...unless you're like me and work every holiday. Ha! 

I picked Eli up from my in-laws earlier today, then I took the kids to church while Eric went to steak out a spot for us.  We usually don't pay to watch them close since kids have a tendency to be unpredictable.  I would hate to pay the $20 and not even get to watch them.  This is always a much safer bet!

I packed the kids PJs and the nursery ladies changed them for me.  This was a HUGE help since we would be getting in late, and not have time for baths.  So, after church we met up with Eric.  Eli was so excited, but got a little fidgety waiting for them to start.

We were a little worried that he would wog out on us since he hates loud noises, but he did great!  He kept clapping and pointing, and saying that every single red firework was his favorite!

Sweet Ellie did awesome too.  She stayed awake through the entire show, and didn't make a peep!  That all changed when we got in the car and had to sit in traffic for half an hour.  Rrh!  She screamed her head off.

I was afraid that Eli would be too wired to sleep, but I think having spent time traveling, attending church, and watching the fireworks, he was a little tuckered out and ready to sleep!

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