Sunday, August 4, 2013

Here Comes The Bride

We went to Lexington this past weekend for my sister's wedding.  Amy and Shannon had decided to have a very small wedding party with one attendant each, so there was no need for a rehearsal dinner.  Instead, we had a little get together at my mom and dad's new house where we grilled out and celebrated a few birthdays too!  (See yesterday's post for all that)

My mom, sister, and I got up yesterday morning and went to get our hair done for the ceremony.  Then we had lunch at Texas Road House before heading to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. 

I wanted Ellie to be one of the "girls" so she tagged along with us.  Eric kept Eli and brought him up a little closer to picture time.  Between trying to keep him obedient and wrinkle free, we decided that it would be best if Eli came last minute. 

After we got all of our pictures done, it was time to for the waiting game.  Ugh, I hate waiting.  Everyone is so excited, and there is always so much going on that waiting is just plain torture!!  

My brother sang Unchained Melody, and it was just beautiful.  He is so talented.  He actually sang at my wedding too.  I sang at his as well, but it wasn't nearly as enjoyable.  Haha.  

This had to be the fastest ceremony in the history of weddings, and I love that because my shoes were killer!  My sister always said that she was going to elope, so the fact that there was a wedding at all was kinda a surprise.

Shannon looked so happy to see her.  Don't you just love seeing the groom's reaction when he sees his bride?  So, so sweet!!

My uncle is a magistrate, so he officiated.  It really meant a lot to my family and to Amy that he was able to play such an important role in her special day!

My other favorite wedding picture is always the one that's captured as the new couple is first announced.  Just look at Amy's face!  I think Shannon might be doing a little dance here.  Haha!

Both kids did great during the ceremony, but I think Eric was relieved to get them to reception where their behavior was a little less important. This was Ellie's very first wedding, and I think if this picture is any indication, she might have been a little overwhelmed.  

Eric and I were actually seated at the head table, so we pretended that we were on a date while everyone else tended to our kids.  Ha!  It's the little things, ya'll!

I think this was the best reception I've ever attended, and that's saying a lot because I've been to a ton.  The food was wonderful, the music was great, and we even played a game of The Newlyweds.  I was the host, which is right up my ally!  I'm sure you already know this, but "the not so newlyweds" won.

Of course there were the traditional dances: Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and Couple's First Dance.  There was also the tossing of the bouquet and garter.  Should I be concerned that my three-year old caught it?  Ha!  I told him they were going to through a ball and he had to be the first to get it.  Ya'll know that's all it took for him to participate. 

Eric and I were going to pretend that we were on vacation and stay in one of the hotel rooms that my sister wasn't using, but on the drive back to my parent's house for clothes the kids fell asleep.  We decided that was vacation enough!

This morning we went to church with my parents and then to lunch at Sonny's BBQ.  We still hadn't seen Clay and Mandi's new house, so we drove to Richmond before heading back to Bowling Green.  They have a hill in their backyard, and Eli was content to slide down it all afternoon. 

We didn't get to stay for dinner (which was a bummer) but it's late now.  I'm grateful we decided to come back in enough time to get baths done and get ready for tomorrow.  It was such a great weekend, and I am so happy to have a new brother!!

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