Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Making Wednesdays Work

Wednesday's are hands down the craziest day of the week for us, but I kinda enjoy it since it shakes up the monotony of the daily routine a little.  Until this past January, I had gone to church alone on Wednesday nights because I go to the woman's ministry and Eric didn't want to do the couple's thing alone.  This meant that he and Eli always had a boys night while I was gone

Well, this past winter the meeting time changed for my class, so I was able to take Eli along to play with Griffin in the nursery.  It really didn't take a lot of pre-planning with just one kid.  Then Ellie came along. HA!

 Initially, I was going to leave her with Eric and let Eli tag along with me.  However, everyone wanted to know where the newest baby was, so I started bringing her too.  As a result Wednesdays have become Eric's night to mow, garden or work on one of the billion projects we always have going on. 

All of that to say that this is a super boring post about our weekly routine.  I want to document for myself how we make it all work because one day things will be different, and I won't remember any of this. 

 Initally, Wednesdays start off like any other day.  I pick up Eli and Ellie, we play for a little while, I pick up the house and do a load of laundry.  Typically, I would start dinner at this point, but on Wednesdays, I give baths instead.  Then I dress the kids for church and let them play while I pack the bag.

I have to get bottles ready for both church and daycare the next day.  I have to layout diapers and pjs to take to church, and I have to make sure everything is ready for the next morning because getting in late throws everyone off a little. 

After a few quick minutes with daddy (once he gets home) we all load up and go church.  

We eat dinner with Griffin every week.  Then the boys run off to play in the nursery.  Ha!  Basically we kinda hang out until time for our classes to start. Normally, I would head to the woman's study, but we haven't met this summer.  Instead, I've been blessed to teach the kiddos you see below. 

After class is out, I head to the nursery where our wonderful volunteers usually have my kids dressed and ready for bed.  Sometimes Eli sorta mellows out on the way home, and we can go straight to bed.  Other nights, we have to watch a 30 tv show to wind down before we attempt bedtime.  You just never know.

Either way, it's about this time that Ellie gets her last bottle and we crawl into bed exhausted, but blessed! 

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