Thursday, August 15, 2013

Story Time With Eli

Yesterday Eli came home from daycare singing a Barney song.  I happened to know it, so I started humming along. The lyrics at one point say something like, "your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends, the more we stick together the happier we'll be."

Now that you have that little ditty stuck in your head, we can move on.  Eli and I sang this little tune for much of the day.  On the way to church we continued singing once again, only this time I heard my duet partner start to taper off and eventually stop singing altogether. At this point I looked in the review mirror to discover that he was crying.

CRYING!!!  Of course I thought something terrible had happened, so I started questioning him. The following conversation ensued.

Me:  Eli, honey, what's wrong?

Eli: (through snuffling) Barney is mean?

Me:  Barney's not mean.

Eli:  (more hysterical now) YES HE IS!!

Me:  Tell Mommy why you think Barney is mean.

Eli:  (now inconsolable)  Because he steals people's friends!!!

Haha!  Turns out, Eli had been absorbing the lyrics, and his take on the whole, ""your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends" thing meant that Barney must be a thief. 

  I could not stop laughing.  Of course the more I laughed the madder he became.  

Don't you worry, though.  We had a long talk shortly after about the true meaning of the lyrics.....sharing friends NOT stealing them!!!

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