Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. I'm way behind (once again) on blogging.  I did a couple of posts yesterday, and I'll probably do a few more tomorrow to get caught up on the month of August.  I doubt you care, but if you do, stay tuned....

2. The kids were up SIX times last night!!  I'm not even lying.  Eli is having charlie-horses from growing, and Ellie is cutting teeth...yay!

3.  Surprisingly, I'm not exhausted.  I think at this point my body has just become accustom to it.  Then again, I did have a large coffee and a diet coke this morning.

4. I totally could have headed home for a nap after work, but I've decided to skip out in an effort to get some much needed exercise.  If we have a repeat night tonight, I may not make it to the gym tomorrow.

5. I'm halfway through this random list...lucky you!

6. Eli counted to 100 yesterday.  He might not have mastered sleep, but by-golly, he can count!

7.  Ellie's biggest accomplishment these days is rolling over.  She just rolls around wherever she wants to go...until she hits a wall...then we have to stage an intervention.

8.  Since it's going to be about a billion degrees today, me and the kiddos are gonna take a swim this afternoon.

9.  Even though summer is just now getting here, I still plan on enjoying it...until Monday.  Monday marks the unofficial start of fall.  Even if it's 99 degrees and sunny, I refuse to give in to the temptation of summer months.  We'll be busting out the fall decor and scents.

10.  Fall may be cut short.  Have you seen the new Farmer's Almanac predictions for the winter?  It could be a doozy!  I say bring on the hot chocolate and sledding gear!!

At least for now...then I will be like these people.

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