Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday (you can thank me for this revelation later, ha!.)  Ok, back on track.  It's Tuesday and there's not a lot going on around here.  VBS is over, wedding festivities are over, Eli's birthday isn't here yet, and things are just....normal.  So, I thought I would make little list of what is running through my head today.  I have pictures that I want to share but that don't really warrant their own post.  I'll throw them in here with little captions to explain.

(Eli and Ellie getting solids for the first time.) 

1. This has been the coolest/wettest summer I can remember.  Don't get me wrong, after last year's drought I am thankful for the provision this year.

2.  I'm using the lack of swimming and outdoor fun as an opportunity let go of my addiction to sunbathing.  Yep!  I love a tan, but let's face it...when I'm 40 and look 80, I'll wish I had slowed down a bit.

3. I'm very melancholy today.  Just to be sure, I looked up the word.  I wouldn't say that I'm experiencing a "prolonged sadness," but I am certainly, "deeply pensive."

(Eli and Ellie looking nearly identical at four months old.)

4. The fact that Eric's car was in the shop last week, and mine is there today is making me nervous. It seems that no amount of planing helps the pocketbook.  Last month there was an extra Monday, so that meant an extra daycare payment.  This month it's yearly registration and car trouble.  I won't say I'm worried over fianances, but I will say that the Lord is challenging me to find contentment in this season of life through faith in his provision for us.  WOW...that was way deeper than I intended.

5. I'm also melancholy about the fact that Eli will be four in a few short days.  It breaks my heart!

6. Along these same lines, party planning has halted temporarily.  Eli is trying to change themes (again) and the weather is iffy.  There will be a celebration, I just don't know the details yet!

7. With Eli's upcoming birthday, I have really reflected on how quickly time flies.  I've been convicted about not being "in the moment."  My cell phone, laundry, and other household demands sometimes take me away from him. I'm working on this.

8. Ellie is growing like a weed too!  I started her on solids, and it's been a journey.  She hated cereal, so that's out.  Sweet Potatoes are hit or miss, but as of last night, green beans seem to be a all the rage.  I'm hoping we're on to something.

9.  Ellie will have another little girl in the nursery at church to play with soon...Kayslee.  I'm taking her family dinner tonight.  I can't wait to meet her!

10.  I also have to run by the grocery store, do some laundry, pick up my van, and exercise today.  Guess I better wrap this up and get busy!

(Ellie enjoying Sweet Potatoes for the first time.)

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

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