Monday, September 30, 2013

At It Again

Ya'll, I charged my camera over the weekend and brought it to work with me this morning with the best of intentions to blog, blog, blog.  Only I forgot one thing...the USB cord.  Honestly, I haven't a clue where it is since I thought it was on my desk.  This could get interesting.   I'll try again tomorrow, I guess.  Since I haven't been the best blogger as of late, I thought I would take a second and get you up to speed on a few things.

1. I have been the funkiest mood this whole entire month which is one reason I haven't blogged much! Sorry and you're welcome all at the same time.

2. I'm so over the whole "Motivational Monday" thing.  What a stupid idea.  The truth is, I'm trying desperately to lose weight, but it won't budge.  I'm done.  How can something so simple be so hard?  Really, please tell me.  I'm gonna keep at it, but don't expect updates.

3. Eric was sick all weekend with a stupid head cold.  I'm pretty much the worst caregiver in the world.  Add two kids into the mix, and Eric probably wishes he was able to go to work instead of staying home with me.  Ha!

4. Our anniversary trip has been postponed a week.  We will now be celebrating  five years of marital bliss with my in-laws!  This is a fact that doesn't bother me in the least, but I find it amusing and have given my poor hubby the hardest time.  Ha! Truthfully, my in laws are wonderful and will help with the kids which means I get to sleep in. And let's face it, when you have kids, sleep is much higher on the priority list than romance!  So there you go...yay for sleep!

5. In case you're wondering, and I'm sure you're not, but just in case...we will be taking our trip next week while my in-laws watch the kids.  Yay for two weeks of sleep in a row!!!

6. Speaking of sleep, Ellie still doesn't sleep through the night.  She's not bad.  Really, she eats and is right back down.  Lately she's been up twice a night.  Despite being super annoying, I know she needs the calories.  I've tried everything to get her to eat more at a feeding, but she just has tummy problems.  In due time I suppose.

7. Even though the rain made a dud of a summer, we are very much enjoying the fall.  We're into a good grove that includes Monday's cleaning, Tuesdays at the library, Wednesdays at church, Thursday's at the pumpkin patch, and Fridays at home enjoying  family movie night.  When the weather cools off we will trade the Pumpkin Patch for the park or McDonald's but I like our routine for now.

8. I love having stuff to look forward to, and so does Eli.  Lately he has me rattle off our upcoming events all the way through Christmas.  What can I say, we're a spirited bunch in the Watson home.  Maybe I'll find my blogging groove again and share all the fun with you!

9. I'm trying really hard to come up with two more points to get us to number ten because I'm OCD and like round numbers.

10. I guess my life is boring, and I only have eight things to share today.  Sorry!  Have a great Monday.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you this morning and happened to catch a glimpse of you on a commercial. You look fabulous and I hope you're doing great!!