Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

My poor, neglected blog.  How I've missed you- recording our memories, writing down our stories, absently documenting the fleeting thoughts that pass through my head.  The truth is, September has been a busy month for us.  Naturally, you would think this would help feed content and drive me to inspiration. Instead, I've been too busy to sit, or think, or or write.

 I have started many posts, but they've ended and in a negative tone, and I just couldn't do that to you, my friend.  Keeping it real, yes. Being a Debbie Downer, no thanks.  So, I apologize for my absences the past few weeks.  You'll understand that I'm trying to manage my one billion responsibilities.  It's been a month of trial and error, but I'm finally ready to let go of the illusion that I can get it together. I'm embracing the chaos and learning to enjoy the ride.

I'll be trying to be playing catch up for the next few days.  I thank you in advance for keeping up with this roller coaster of a journey, and I thank you for tagging along.  It really is a pleasure looking back on all of the memories we have made.  Here are a few things we can talk about soon:

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Our Date Weekend
Tackiling It Head On
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Radar's Birthday
Sweet Sunday
Jesus And Coffee

Thanks in advance for keeping up!


Your Well-Behind Writer.

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