Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ellie's Shots

Sweet Ellie girl had her six month check up today, and we are happy to report that she's a healthy little booger!  She's actually much bigger than her brother was at this age.  She's in the ninetieth percentile for height and the forty-fifth percentile for weight. 

Eli is in the twelve...poor boy.  I'm still pulling for daddy's genes to kick in. Ha!

Of course we had to have shots, and Ellie was such a drama queen.  Don't get me wrong, all babies cry.  She just wouldn't stop.  Every time someone new would walk by her she would cry again.  It was so cute, like she was saying, "oh my gosh, wait until you hear what just happened." 

After the appointment we ran a few errands and met Eric for lunch.  Now this sweet thing is snuggled up asleep in my arms while I blog and catch up on Scandal. 

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