Saturday, September 7, 2013

Go Toppers

Today the Toppers played Tennessee, and we were expecting a good game after last week's win against Kentucky.  Yeah, not so much.  I felt more like I was watching basketball than football with all the turn overs.   And for the record, if I  have to hear Rocky Top one more time....

The kids were pretty upset about the loss too.  They couldn't keep the disappointment off their faces.  Ha!  Don't worry though, we drowned our sorrows in a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden with Nan and Grandad.  Eric's parents were passing through Bowling Green on their way back from a gold tournament in Sommerset, so we met them in town and then hit up Sams Club...good times!

Can you believe how much these two have grown since we went to the Spring game?  Oh my gosh, I could just cry thinking about how time truly flies. 

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