Friday, September 6, 2013

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

This hasn't been the best of days around here.  This morning after the show I checked my phone and there were about a billion missed calls...all from Eric.  There were half as many text so once I realized that nothing too catastrophic had happened, I knew I had to make a flying trip home.  
I had driven off with the car-seat.  You see, we each have our own car-seats.  You would think that this would save us a lot of time and trouble, but it does just the opposite.  Eric left his seat at daycare, and of course, I had mine with me, in my car, where it belongs. Ha!  I didn't look for Eric's when I picked the kids up yesterday.  Obviously, with my car-seat in the van and his at daycare, he had no way of getting the kids dropped off.

Well, on my way home I got stuck in traffic...lovely!  To complicate things even further, my car lost power...ugh!  I had to pull over, turn off the engine, let it reset, and pray I made it home.  By the time I got there Eric and I were both madder than ole wet hens!!  Needless to say the blame game started only added to the stress of the day.

A friend from work had to drop me off at the mechanic, and a few hectic hours later we picked it back up.  They couldn't figure out what was going on.  I have my own theory, but since I'm no expert, I'll keep it to myself!

It was just kinda one thing after another all day long.  I actually went home and vegged out for a while.  Enough is enough, you know?  Oh well, now I'm playing mommy and letting it go.  Who could stay mad when you get to see these cuties every day.  

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