Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our Date Weekend

Eric and I have enjoyed the most wonderful weekend together.  I met my parents in E-town on Thursday with the kids, and of course they we're all excited (grandparents and kids alike), then I came home and vegged out with my hubby.  It was wonderful being able to go to bed when we wanted and watch non-cartoon shows on TV.  Ha!  It's the small things!

Friday after work I took my sweet time getting off of work.  Then I ran some errands, stopped by Goodwill and picked Eric up from work.  We toured the St. Jude Dream Home, which is something we would not have braved with the kids.  Afterwards we picked up some BBQ for dinner.  We spent the rest of the night outside on the back porch relaxing around the fire pit. 

It was heavenly getting to sleep in yesterday morning.  We weren't in a rush to eat breakfast or get anywhere.  We almost missed the UK v. Louisville Game, but we ended up watching it before heading to the Bluegrass Festival.  That's where I ate the best Hot Dog of my life...YUM!!

I may or may not have also consumed a red velvet funnel cake, chips, and cookies.  I kinda wrecked the diet, but when you sit through an all day concert you kinda get bored.  Plus it was wonderful spending quality time with my hubby. 

We had VIP tickets, so Eric was able to meet the members of The Grascals following the concert, and of course, he was on cloud nine.  They are really super nice people, and I enjoyed their music. 

After the little meet and greet we stopped by a Mexican Restaurant for dinner then came home to watch a movie and relax some more.  

We had evey intention of going to church this morning, but we slept too late.  That's ok, it meant we were able to pick up the kids.  It sure was nice having alone time with my hubby and catching up on rest wasn't too bad either!  I sure did miss my babies though!

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