Sunday, September 29, 2013

Walk For A Cure

This morning I helped co-host Walk For A Cure which benefited the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or JDRF.  Eric's nephew, Colby, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was seven, so we walked in his honor today. 

Originally we were going to walk as a family.  However, Eric came down with a cold, so that meant we were going to divide and conquer...I was going to take Eli and he was going to watch Ellie.  The problem is, he got worse and I didn't want Ellie around him, so I braved emceeing with two kids in tow. 

Eli was probably the best behaved he has ever been, but Ellie wanted to be held the entire time.  She wasn't bad, just needy.  So, I did my duty with a baby on one hip and a preschooler in the times...sorta!

When it finally came time to walk, we made it one lap.  Ellie fell asleep as soon as we started, and Eli got hot.  Ha!   By that point I really didn't feel like fighting either one of them, so I let Eli play in the dugout while everyone else finished up. 

After a quick trip to the bouncy house, some free pizza, and ice cream for dessert, me and these sweet babies ran a few errands.  Actually, we went to Target where Eli was rewarded with a Monster Truck for his behavior.  Then I threw in the towel and came home.  Lugging two kids around all day is exhausting!

My sickie (Eric) wanted Pizza Hut for dinner, so Pizza Hut he got.  Now we're unwinding and hoping Daddy is on the mend soon.  I'm no good at wrangling these two solo!

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