Sunday, September 22, 2013

Matchy Match

My absolute favorite thing about having two children is attempting to coordinate their outifts.  The problem is, there is this little thing called reality.  For us it looks like this: Eli sleeps in jersey shorts and a t-shirt that can be worn to daycare the following morning.  Ellie wears a sleeper to daycare every day...nice!

This means I have to take advantage of weekends when we can sometimes sneak in a cute outfit or two. Usually what I need is dirty, or Eli doesn't have a shirt to match Ellie's dress, or I'm just too darn tired to try. 

Anyway, this was our attempt at a Sunday morning outfit.  They clean up pretty good...ha! As for the pictures.  Sometimes they coordinate but won't cooperate.  Fun times!  Nonetheless candy is great bribery if you really have your heart set on a picture.  Just as Eli.

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