Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fun At The Park

In case you couldn't tell, we love fall around here and try to make an effort to enjoy it as much as possible.  Typically Tuesday is library day, but we skipped it today so that we could spend time at the park. 

This year it has been so hard to get out and about.  I have to pack Ellie around ,and Eli wants my attention too.  No one is "contained" so I have to keep a constant eye on my crawler and dare devil.  It's just tricky.  Nonetheless, I don't want to waste a second of precious time together, so we muddle through the chaos.  

Today was one of those days, and it was so worth it.  Eli played on the slide, the swings, and the ball field while Ellie and I walked around cheering him on. Ya'll this boy is growing up too fast. 

It's hard to believe that next year I'll have empty hands and will  be busy chasing around two kids.  Ellie will no doubt be running after her big brother.  

So, I'll cherish the days of lugging her around the park on my hip.  They sure don't stay small for very long.

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