Saturday, October 5, 2013

One For The Books

Well, our five year anniversary came and went with a bang.  Really, it was one for the books.  You see, before I wrote that little tribute to my hubby yesterday morning, the car started making a funny sound.  We dropped it off at the mechanic expecting to replace a loose air conditioner belt. A Hundred Bucks...max!

Around 11:30 Eric picked me up for a lunch date since I still didn't have a car.  Just as we were pulling into the restaurant parking lot the phone rang.  I made the comment that I bet the car was ready and wasn't the timing perfect since we could pick it up after lunch.

I could tell by the length of the conversation and the tone of Eric's voice, it wasn't the air conditioner belt.  Turns out the whole cooling unit is going bad will cost around $1000 to fix.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!!!

Needless to say that news put a damper on things.  We could barely talk through lunch much less eat.  We stewed and worried for the rest of the day, and to be honest, I'm still get a little uneasy when I think about it.  However, God really convicted us for our worries.

On our way out of town we stopped at a gas station.  The lady in front of Eric paid with pennies...PENNIES!!  I do that sometimes to get rid of change or because I forgot my wallet, but that wasn't what was happening here.  This was a lady in need.

Suddenly our situation didn't seem so bad.  We a warm home, food on the table, two cars in driveway, and enough money in savings to pay for the repair.  Clearly we are blessed.  The stupid car situation in nothing more than an inconvenience...a major inconvenience... but an inconvenience and nothing more.

We haven't decided what our next move will be with the van.  However, we are praying for wisdom and peace as we make this decision.  In the meantime, I will always remember this not so wonderful anniversary surprise because it made me fall more in love with my husband who chose to see someone else's pain over his own and challenged me to praise God in the mist of a less an ideal situation.

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