Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Weekend

I totally slacked on taking pictures this weekend.  It just seemed like everywhere we turned there was a meltdown from someone (including and exhausted mommy.)  Nonetheless, we did manage to squeeze a few fun things into the chaos. 

For starters, we watched had family movie night on Friday.  Eric picked up Iron Man 3, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it.  I was also shocked that Eli wasn't scared out of his mind. 

I knew the kids would be up early on Saturday, so I saved my episode of Scandal as a treat for being up with the sun.  Then Eric made us a big country breakfast.  We relaxed a bit more before heading to hike at Lost River Cave.  They have a Scarecrow Trail, and Eric's work won.  

We ran a few errands and went to Nats and Target before picking up a pizza to enjoy at home while we watched UK get slaughtered by Alabama.  Oh well, still love the Cats!

Today we got a picture as we were rushing out to church.  The kids had a rough night and were up early on top of it, so Eric watched them this afternoon while I napped.  I was going to make a roast for dinner but hit the wrong button the crock pot, so Eric and I cooked healthy enchiladas...yum!!

The kids are exhausted, so we're winding down and hoping for an early bedtime. 

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