Thursday, November 14, 2013

10 Reasons Why Pinterest Is Not Real Life

I'll be the first to admit that I love Pinterest.  I may or may not visit the site several times a day, and I've used it for great recipes, decorating ideas, and even some fashion tips.  The thing is, I always walk away with this weird complex that if I'm not sipping a Starbucks coffee and taking a "selfie" of my magazine cover wardrobe, I've failed for the day.  

The thing is, that's stupid...and so are some of the ideas on Pinterest.

1.  No One In Their Right Mind Would Celebrate Divorce : what do you do wrap gifts and sing, "Happy Divorce Day To You" ? 

2. You Can Not Ride A Bicycle During A Blizzard: besides who would actually document this?  I can just see a new trend in selfies. UGH!

3. No Man With Any Pride Would Take A Picture Like This: it's like pulling teeth to get a yearly Christmas picture with Eric.  Besides, this is clearly photoshoped.  At no time does it snow directly into your hands and no where else around you.  

4. Because Pictures Like This Are Called Child Neglect In Real Life:  Poor Kid.

5. It Costs A Fortune For Cakes Like This: by the way, what's up with the creepy alien foot.  Oh wait, I get's a Baby Shower cake...weird!!

6. Life Is Not All Sunshine And Lollipops: Whatever happened to Lemon-aid Stands.  Gosh, don't these parents know that ice cream melts!! So, so unrealistic!!!!

7. Crayons Melt Too:  I know because I tried this and it was an EPIC FAIL...sorry Tina!

8. No One Other Than You Wants Your Child's Footprint: sorry, but it's true.  Dude, you just put candy in the bag your child trampled on.  I'm pretty sure that's not sanitary. 

9. Believe It Or Not, You Can Work Out Without Taking A Selfie: SHOCKER!! Oh, no one with a real job, real kids, or a real life could ever look like that.  Sorry, it's just false advertisement. 

10. Under The Stairs Safe Rooms Are Useless: "in case of an intruder."  I don't think we have to worry about that in Suburbia.  I like the idea.  Although, I would use the space to stash away the stuff I don't have time to clean up before guests arrive...THAT is practical!!!

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