Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

I had to work on Christmas Eve, but I did everything as quickly as possible and then left.  I made a run to Wal-Mart before heading home and still made it back before 9:00 - WHOOT!!

Eric had gotten a wild hair while I was gone and started "clean" cleaning.  I mean things looked awesome.  We pretty much spent the entire day working on the house and cooking for Christmas Day. 

Finally after two more trips to town for groceries and batteries we made it home, bathed the kids and settled in for our Christmas traditions.   Basically, we buy each other one gift.  Everything else comes from Santa. 

Eli was very excited to get a Hulk action figure from Mommy and Daddy.  Eli was sweet and bought him "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."  

Eric was next.  Eli was so proud of the boat key chain he found and the "Frosty The Snowman" cup he helped Ellie pick out for Daddy. 

Next it was Ellie Girls turn.  She got a doll from Eli and some kind of noise maker thing (I have no idea what to call it) from Mommy and Daddy!

We let them play with their toys for a few minutes before it was time to get ready for bed. 

Eli and Daddy went outside to feed the reindeer. It was way too cold for me and Ellie, but we did at least document it from the front door. 

Next came letters to Santa.  Eli told me what to write then he scribbled on the paper. 

Since Ellie was too young to write a letter to Santa, she just held the pin and looked at Eli's hard work. Maybe next year...

Finally it was off to bed.  Both kids fell asleep quite well.  When our house was quiet as a mouse, Santa got to work.  We finished early with all the presents which was wonderful since it was a rough night for Ellie. 

By The Way...All I Want For Christmas is SLEEP!!!!!

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