Friday, December 6, 2013

Family Fun

It's sorta been a stressful week for me on a lot of different levels, so I was more than ready to veg out at home tonight.  We actually have a lot planned for tomorrow, so the "ice storm" came at a perfect time.  With all of our activities cancelled for tonight, we decided to relax as a family. 

Eric thought it would be fun to make cookies and watch a Christmas movie, so that's exactly what we did.  Eli loves helping in the kitchen and was eager to work with Eric.  We're really not sugar cookie people, so we did homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, we used cookie cutters. 

They weren't the prettiest, but that's all relative because they tasted amazing!  Ellie "helped" too.  Actually she sat in her high chair by the oven and watched all the action. As you can see, she enjoyed the sweet treat.  By the way, I would highly recommend NOT taking away her cookie...

After our little treat we played before Ellie had to go to bed.  Eli got to stay up to watch Elf with Mommy and Daddy.  Eric was the first to doze off about 8:00.  I snoozed on and off on the couch, and around 9:30 Eli was asking to hit the hay. 

We didn't finish the movie.  Oh well, we made memories and even got a little rest before all the business of tomorrow. We haven't told Eli what we've got in store because we don't want to hear the whining if we get more ice.  Doubt we'll get anything, and I sure hope not.  I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. 

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