Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'll Be Home For Christmas

I hadn't been home to Lexington since August, so it was such a blessing getting to go this past weekend.  Of course we loaded up on Friday and headed out.  Both kids slept the whole way, so I was worried that we were in for a long night, but they just fine. 

Saturday morning Eric went hunting while my mom and I ran a few errands with Eli and Ellie.  Since I hadn't seen my grandmother in almost half a year, we stopped by to visit for a little while. 

Eli loves Granny because she lets him jump on the bed, through pillows, and play cars on the furniture.  Ellie took right up with her too.  It is such a blessing for them to have met three great-grandparents. 

We didn't stay too long since we were having family dinner back at my mom and dad's house.  My other grandmother came - along with my sister, brother and their spouses.  It was the first time we had all been together in a long time, so it was so so nice to eat and talk. 

As you might imagine, we didn't linger over great conversation because a certain little four year old was chomping at the bit to open presents. Ha!

Ellie had no idea what was going on, but I think she really liked all the noise and chaos.  Honestly, paper and ribbons were just as entertaining to her as the presents were. 

Eli on the other hand was very much interested in opening all the gifts.  He really racked up in the super hero department. He got Iron Man masks (3), Spider Man masks and jammies, a Batman Cave and life size  Batman among a million other things. 

After opening the presents we decided to go see Southern Lights which is a huge light display in our community.  It's $20 a car, so we were going to pull over just before we got there and all get in one vehical.  That didn't work out, so while we were stuck in traffic for over an hour waiting to get in, Amy and I did a Chinese fire-drill and ran the kids to my parent's car.

Clay went and got in the van which left him, Shannon and Eric (three grown men) in a minivan with no kids.  Haha!  We gave them the hardest time about look like creepers (which they are not.) Good times!

I guess the joke was really on us because Ellie screamed her head off the entire time through the lights.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  Luckily once the lights were over and we got out to look around, Ellie dozed right off.  

We were just making it home when a huge storm blew up.  The tornado sirens were going off and everything.  Clay and Mandi decided not to risk the drive back to Richmond, so they stayed at my parent's house too.  Unfortunately, it was a very bad night.  I'm still not fully recovered. 

This morning we very sleepily made it to my mom and dad's church before coming back to enjoy a lunch of delicious leftovers.   Eric and I went to see Shannon's new gym and to run by Khol's with my sister while my mom and dad watched the kids. 

After a few pictures and a lot of packing we stopped by my grandmother's one last time to say goodbye.  Then it was off to see Sarah and the two other new babies.  Ellie and Gunner were both born on March 4th.  Silas was born in July (same day as Prince George.)  It was so fun getting them all together!!

The ride home was smooth.  Both kids slept.  Now we're unpacked and getting ready for much more fun in the days ahead.   This weekend has been such a blessing!

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