Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mistletoe Mishaps

We're only four days in to the Christmas season, and we've already had several comical moments .  I don't recall a year with so many mishaps as this one, but I'm not complaining.  My kids are keeping my thoroughly entertained.

Mishap #1: Yesterday's Blog Post - WOWZERS!! A million apologies if I offended anyone.  That was never my intention.

Mishap #2: Christmas Tree Wars - We always put a Christmas tree in Eli's room.  It's a cheap 6 foot tree we got on clearance one year after the holidays.  Well, he takes decorating very seriously.  VERY.  In fact, he took it upon himself to tear all the ornaments off of Ellie's tree so that his would be the prettiest. Don't worry.  She got him back, and that leads up to our next point...

Mishap #3: Our Griswold Moment - While I was loading clothes into the washer (literally three feet away) Ellie pulled over Eli's in the whole entire thing crashed to the ground.  Naturally it fell on top of her.  So, there I sat with two crying stuck under the wreckage and the other screaming, "Hers broke my tree.  Hers is on the naughty list!!" Good Times!

Mishap #4: Theological Understandings -  For the past two Christmases we have focused a lot of attention on it being Jesus' birthday.  Eli gets that.  He's a hard core "Happy Birthday To Jesus," singer.

On the other hand, he's a little sketchy on the details of the Christmas story.  This is in large part my fault because I tend not to focus on the birth of Christ throughout the year since our devotion time is usually dedicated to one of the many other stories in the Bible.  So in Eli's defense, it's been a solid year since we have really gone over the Christmas story.

This has lead to some confusion.  For example, he thinks the angel is a ghost.  It  could  have something to do with Christmas being on the heels of Halloween, but who knows.  He's also a little unsure of Joseph's role in the story since God is Jesus' daddy. I totally understand.  I mean we are talking about a miraculous conception here.   Eli's curiosity of this subject  lead to a game of 20 questions none of which I had a good answer prepared for, so I tried to divert his attention.

 We talked of Jesus being a gift to the world.  Eli was right with me and made the connection that we give gifts because Jesus gave us the gift of Eternal Life when he died on the cross.  Next we talked about Christmas music and how we sing because we are happy.  He understood that singing to Jesus was something called "praise" and we could sing songs to Jesus all throughout the year.  He even understood that not all Christmas songs were about Jesus, but they we still part of celebrating Jesus' birthday.

I was feeling pretty confident with my parenting skills as I wrapped up this conversation by drawing a parallel between Jesus being the Light Of The World and Christmas lights.  I reminded him that every time he sees Christmas lights he should think of Jesus shining into our dark and sinful hearts.  He was all in, or so I thought.  A few minutes later he sweetly asked, "So Mom, who charges that light?" Haha!!

I think we have some work to do.  Ha!

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