Monday, December 23, 2013

Opryland Christmas

I had to work this morning, but Eric took a vacation day so that he could stay home with the kids.  I ended up leaving a little early and made it home in time to help get the kids ready for our trip to Nashville. 

If you've never seen Orpyland Hotel at Christmas time, I would highly recommend putting it on your bucket lists.  It's truly a winter wonderland.  There are literally millions of lights and 90% of it is inside which means that it's warm!

After a quick trip to the pharmacy for ear Eli's ear drops, we were Nashville bound.  We ran into a little traffic around Opry Mills mall, but that was it.  We did a little shopping before walking over to the hotel. 

Eli was so excited to show Ellie the giant tree.  We had taken him two years ago and it was fun, but this year it was truly magical.  A lot of our family traditions will fade out as the kids grow older, but I hope going to Opryland becomes something we do with our future in-laws and grand babies. 

It was way too cold to take Ellie outside to see the lights, so we and I played in the lobby while Eric and Eli ventured out to the nativity set.  

As you can see, Eli was just beside himself with excitement.  This picture warms my heart!

Back inside we kinda rushed through the lights.  Honestly with two kids, it was plenty long.  Ha!! We came, we saw, we left.  It was nice and I know we'll spend more time going through it as they get older, but this year, making it out of the house at all with two babies was good enough for us!

After leaving Opryland we kept our tradition alive by eating at Sir Pizza.  They have them in Lexington, and they are awesome abeit greasy whole in the wall diners. Nonetheless, delicouous.  Eric and I ate a whole pizza by ourselves and Eli devoured a mini pizza himself.  

My prayer is that one day Eric and I will be in a position to leave a $100 tip.  It's a hard job working so close to Christmas in a rundown restaurant.  Yet, the staff is always to joyous.  I want to give back to them. 

We hit up a Wal Mart for a few groceries before heading home.  I took the kids back to the car and changed them while Eric checked out.  Ellie conked out on the way home while Eli munched on Cheese-Its and watched movies.   Between the weekend home, working this morning,  running to Nashville tonight, and Ellie not sleeping,  my energy is fading and there are still two busy days ahead.  Oh well...we're making memories!

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