Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sundays With The Watsons

We love Sundays at our house.  It's the day anything goes.  We sleep in. We eat breakfast, we go to church, we watch movies, we make messes, we do life.  

We also take pictures since it's the only day that the kids get dressed up. 

Ellie always cooperates.  I mean, does she really have a choice?

Let me stand correct.  She cooperates until Eli jumps in the picture.  Then, she looks slightly terrified. 

Eli hates pictures.  We always strike a deal.  I think he's going to  be a professional negotiate.  This week's deal was that he could take two Monster Trucks to the nursery if he smile.  Honestly, I would have let him take them anyway, but don't tell him that.  It's leverage. 

Eli never naps at home anymore, so we use the time to give him special attention while Ellie sleeps.  This week he and Eric played cars while I took a power nap myself.

Ellie eats non stop.  It's actually kind of sad.  We do feed her.  I promise.  However, you wouldn't guess it after seeing this picture.  She found the Christmas chocolate.  Haha!

We love our family time on Sundays and we're always sad when 7:00 rolls around.  Picking up the toys, taking baths, packing the backpacks, is all a little sad.  Oh well, there's always next week.

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