Friday, January 3, 2014

Marshmallow Fight

Prior to having children, I was NOT a winter person.  In fact, I loathed it.  I'm still not a fan of hauling my kids in and out of the cold,  loading them into the van while stripping them layer by layer to fit into the car seat only to redress them upon arrival at our destination.  However, I have come to LOVE the slower speed of the winter months.  There is no rush to finish chores so that we can make it outside before dark, no string of non-stop activity, no work outdoors needing attention.  Instead it's nights spent inside with the family. 

Of course all of this quality time needs to be broken up a bit by some family activities.  That's where the "snow ball fight" comes in.  The trouble is, Bowling Green is basically the Great Divide when it comes to winter precipitation.  While I normally enjoy this, I do crave at least one good snowfall. Of course when that doesn't happen, a Mommy Intervention must be staged, and marshmallow are the next best things to snowballs. Such was the case tonight. 

We divided into teams, built our bunkers, and started the great snowball fight.  My partner in crime was not a great ally.  In fact, she ate our ammunition. I guess her tactic worked because the marshmallows eventually became so sticky from baby slobber that our opponents were forced to leave their wounds exposed. Ha!

Yeah, I'm still finding marshmallows.  I counted them before we started, but the kids ate so many that I had to give up the search not knowing what was still missing and what was sitting the tummy of a satisfied child. 

My carpet is a mess and my walls are sticky, but my kids are happy.  It was totally worth the temporary loss of sanity from a Type A Momma, to make these memories with our family.  Eli is already asking when we get to have our next fight.  I haven't broken the news that it will be at least another year. Unless of course we get REAL snow.  

Our fun didn't stop there.  It wouldn't be a Friday night in the Watson home if we didn't have family movie night.   Ellie fell asleep just as we started watching our flick which meant extra snuggles with my boy.  Eli picked Spy Kids Two.  It was weird, but then again, most kid's movies are. Ha!  Still, it was a great way to wrap up such a fun night. 

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