Sunday, January 5, 2014

The First Sunday Of The Year

I guess Ellie was feeling left out from the whole Monster Jam thing because this morning she took herself a turn playing with them this morning before church.  How sweet is this rough and tough little girl with a smocked dress and Texas size bow?  I think she's got the whole Southern thing going on. 

Being that it's January, and I've put away the Christmas clothes, I was excited to coordinate my kiddos in their winter blue attire.  My little picture taking ritual didn't exactly pan out.  Eli was tired from being out at Monster Jam, so this was his pose.  

I didn't push my luck.  He was in better spirits after church, so we made a cake while Ellie slept.  Sundays are pretty lazy around these parts.  I usually get in a tizzy around 4:00 when look up to find a messy house, a few laundry piles and two dirty kids.  

Today was no expecption, so after dinner, a quick clean up and baths, I was happy to snuggle  up to these two cuties.  Yes, Eli's face is nasty in both pictures even post bath.  I cleaned it up before bed, don't you worry.  Ha!  It sure was a great weekend. 

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