Saturday, January 11, 2014

Long Time No See

Ya'll, we had the greatest time tonight hanging out with the Adkins.  When Eli and Griffin were babies we got together every Thursday night for game night.  I remember thinking that it was so hard to enjoy the company because of the babies.  Ha!  They basically slept the whole time in a contained pack and play and only whimpered when they needed a bottle.

As the boys grew it got harder to play games, but we still got together for little adventures and dinner.  Then Ellie and Parker came along, and between the pregnancies, jobs, and preschool actives, we just kinda stopped getting together.  Life happens.  We still love them!  

The thing is, we were long overdue a visit, so we decided to have the whole clan over for dinner.  We knew there was no chance for a game, but we welcomed the conversation no matter how interrupted it was.  The boys were so excited. They played and played.  Eli actually cried when Owen left.  

By the way, Gabe and Tina will be welcoming two more little bundles this spring.  That's right...TWINS!!!! We can't wait to meet them and make more memories with this precious family. 

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