Monday, February 24, 2014

The Highlight Reel

Another week has come and gone, and I can't even remember if I blogged at all last week.  The winter has been so long...literally and figuratively, and I am just so ready for the seasons to change....again, literally and figuratively.

Since writing has become so scarce, you should follow me on Instagram.  I update it much more often.  Honestly, I still write.  I just don't hit "publish."  There are literally dozens of drafts waiting to be posted.  Eventually I'll get to them, but for now, you get the highlight reel.

Last Monday was a dinner banquet for Toys For Tots.  I worked a bit with the charity through the holiday and was so honored to be included in their awards ceremony.  I truly can not say enough about the volunteers in our community.

Tuesday I had the chance to hit up a consignment sale here in town.  I practiced much self control, and only bought three things. For those of you who know me, that's a major accomplishment!!

Wednesday was a breath of fresh air with sunshine and temperatures in the 60s, so the kids and I hit up the park before church.  By the way, if you can get your hands on Beth Moore's "Law Of Love" you should!  It's amazing.

On Thursday I was feeling puny and Eli was super tired.  We decided to lounge around the house instead of venturing to the library.  It was much needed, and it gave me a chance to pack their bags for Lexington.  Ha!
Friday after work I met my dad in E-town and he took the kids home for the weekend.  Eric and I were all wild and crazy and ate dinner at Freddy's before we hit up Wal Mart, The Vitamin Shop, and Sam's Club. HA!  We got Starbucks and watched "The Out Of Towners."  That's about all....

Saturday morning we slept in, then I met Sabrina for Hot Yoga. WOW!! I'm still feeling it.  Eric and I went hiking that afternoon and grilled out for dinner.  I told you, we're crazy.

We overslept yesterday and missed church, so we worked around the house before heading to get the kids.

 Honestly, it was such a refreshing weekend.  Eric is my favorite person on this planet (my kids are up there too) but with two jobs, two kids, and a million responsibilities, we just don't get quality time as often as we would like.  We have great friends and a wonderful church family who are always eager to help, but sometimes you just need a weekend together.  We get the opportunity a few times a year for Spring Break, Fall Break, and Christmas, but we usually plan housework and projects around the kids being gone.  That's why we schedule a get-a-way once a year.  We're already talking about this year's trip!!  Anyway, this time we had no projects, no trips, no agenda.  We just knew that we needed rest and time together.  It was perfect!!

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