Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What A Pair

In continuation with my photo dump for the month of February, I saw the need to incorporate all the pictures I take on Sundays.  

It is such a hassle trying to wrangle two babies, but I know that one day I'll look back and be thankful that I put in the effort to get pictures of them dressed up since it only happens once a week.

Without fail one of the kids refuses to cooperate. Usually Ellie is fussy and ready for a nap.  Meanwhile Eli just hates getting his picture taken. 

Not to worry.  We go back and forth between threatening him and bribing him.  Usually Monster Trucks are involved.  "Eli, is you don't sit still and smile, you're going to get a Monster Truck taken away."  or "Eli, if you smile big, you can take two Monster Trucks to church." 

Finally, he smiles and Ellie looks like she hates the world.  Maybe it's just the bows...who knows! 

I've given up on both kids smiling or even cooperating.  In fact, these days I'm just happy to have them in the same picture.

Strip 'em down to a diaper and underwear, lose the shoes, and take out the bow and they're all smiles!!  Of course!!

It's a lot of work to get a picture, but I'm always so glad that I did!

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