Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Extravaganza

This has been the most wonderful start to the weekend, although, I was a little skeptical coming in to it since both kids had been sick.  Even at bedtime last night I just wasn't sure whether or not to make plans. 

Luckily, both kids woke up happy, healthy, and in good moods!  That's after they slept until 8:00...woohoo!!!  Eric was helping take league pictures for baseball, so I loaded the kids up and took them to church for the Easter Extravaganza.

They had an inflatable obstacle course, but Eli was a little skittish.  I think it may have something to do with the one last fall the deflated while he was in it. ha!  Apparently it traumatized him! Anyway, after a little help he finally got brave and then he wouldn't stop going through it. 

There are so many eggs and so many kids that the church does the egg hunt in "heats."  My kids were in the second group.  Honestly, I thought that Eli would be really competitive since there was candy at stake, but he was more concerned with making sure that Ellie understood. 

Turns out that she's a natural.  She was all about finding some eggs,  She actually didn't discover the candy until later.  She's such a foodie and would cry until she got the candy. 

Ya'll, there are so many eggs that you end up having to dump the baskets into trash bags cause you can't carry it all.  Of course this results in enough candy to rival Halloween. 

After the hunt we opened our eggs, kept the candy, and returned the empty eggs to the church.  Eli played a few games, went through the bouncy house again a few times, then we headed home. 

I treated the kiddos to McDonald's Drive Thru, and Ellie fell asleep on the way home.  I made Eli rest before t-ball pictures this afternoon.  I will document that whole process tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have to get ready for a work banquet tonight.

Happy Spring!

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