Saturday, May 10, 2014

Amy Graduated

Amy graduated from college today, and my parents threw her a celebration reception.  We were supposed to have a ball game, so we skipped the ceremony and headed up for the party.  It ended up raining, so the game was cancelled but that meant more time with family. 

The kids were actually pretty good car riders which was a blessing since I took them by myself.  Eric stayed behind to look at cars, work on the yard, and put up the pool!

We don't make it to see either family nearly as often as we would like, and when we do get to visit we run ourselves crazy trying to make our rounds.  It was such a blessing to have everyone all in one place, and I'm pretty sure the kids loved the attention. 

I was supposed to head out after the party, but since the kids hadn't napped I was afraid the would be sleep the whole way home then be up all night when we got back.  I decided to stay the night and leave in the morning.  It ended up being a great decision. 

We were able to visit with my mom and dad and then they took care of bedtime while I made a Wal-Mart run with Amy.  I love to look around but never get to thanks to the kids.  Plus, I was nice to have some "girl time."  I never get that unless it's coffee with another mom and that's a relaxing as it sounds with little people around. Ha!

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